USA: Girl gets official permission to hold a unicorn

Girl in the US gets official permission to own a unicorn

There are no unicorns. But ideas of them many. And objects in the shape of unicorns.

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In the US, a girl had officially asked for permission to hold a unicorn. The relevant authority issued her with a license. And also has a few tips ready.

Madeline from the US state of California has a wish. And she obviously knows about the accuracy and mechanisms of authorities, which is why she wrote a letter to be on the safe side. The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, responsible for animal care and control in the area, shared it on its Facebook page.

In children’s handwriting you can read how the girl asks permission to keep a unicorn in her garden – if she finds one. The agency complied with Madeline’s request for a response and granted her an official unicorn license in late November. So should Madeline one day miraculously come across one of the mythical creatures in real life, it might live in her garden.

USA: Sunshine, moonlight and rainbows for the unicorn

Again, holding unicorns is not child’s play as it seems. The Department of Animal Care and Control, in its reply to Madeline, lists some tips – such as regular access to sunshine, moonlight and rainbows. At least once a week, a unicorn should eat watermelon, its favorite treat. And glitter on the unicorn should be non-toxic and biodegradable to ensure its welfare.

In its contribution, the authority points out that unicorns are very rare to find. While Madeline searches for one, she can play with the stuffed unicorn that the authorities sent her with the license.

The authority is happy about the responsible young fellow citizen: It is always nice to hear from young people who think about the requirements that a loving home for animals entails.

Sources: AP, Facebook

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