USA: Freed US citizens reunite with their families (video)

Watch the video: Americans shed tears of joy when they return from prison in Iran.

Visibly relieved and happy, five Americans returned home on Monday evening and were welcomed by their relatives. The men had been imprisoned in Iran. Over a period of months, a prisoner exchange was arranged between the arch-enemies Iran and the USA, thanks to the mediation of Qatar, where the prisoners had initially been flown the day before. US President Joe Biden said that US citizens were innocently imprisoned and were “finally coming home”. At the same time, two out of five Iranians previously imprisoned in the USA were flown to Qatar. According to US information, the three other people in question decided not to return to their home country. “It’s unbelievable, I’m so grateful, finally the nightmare is over,” said Babak Namazi, the brother of one of the returnees. Previously, six billion dollars in frozen Iranian assets had been released and transferred to accounts in Doha. A U.S. government official said attitudes toward the leadership in Tehran had not changed as a result of the exchange. But we now see the possibility of reopening the door for diplomacy with a view to the Iranian nuclear program.

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