US President wants “full cooperation”: Biden surprised by secret documents

Status: 01/11/2023 01:56 am

Cooperation and the hope for a quick end to the investigation: US President Biden has commented on secret documents in his private office. He himself was surprised by the find. He does not know the contents of the papers.

US President Joe Biden expressed his surprise at the secret government documents discovered in his private office and promised “full cooperation” with the investigation.

His lawyers did what they had to do in promptly reporting the discovery to the National Archives, Biden told reporters in Mexico City, where he was as part of a US-Mexico-Canada summit. He was surprised that the government files had been taken to the office and didn’t know what was in them. His lawyers had advised him not to ask about the content. The Justice Department is investigating the matter. Biden said he hopes the investigation will be completed quickly.

Apparently kept ten confidential documents

Secret documents from his time as US Vice President under Barack Obama had turned up in private offices in the Penn Biden Center in Washington. Biden confirmed that when his office was cleared out, his lawyers found a box of papers in a “locked cupboard” that included secret documents. These are reportedly 10 confidential documents, some with the highest level of classification. According to CNN, these include papers from the US secret service on other countries such as Ukraine, Iran or Great Britain.

As the White House announced, the documents were found on November 2nd and handed over to the National Archives. They were not the subject of an earlier request from the archive. In the United States, government documents generally need to be archived and preserved for posterity. The Justice Department is investigating the case.

Biden used the office after the end of his vice presidency in 2017 until well before the start of his presidential campaign in 2019, according to Special Counsel Richard Sauber.

Biden had criticized Trump for keeping documents

The find is particularly explosive because Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump also kept secret government documents after his term in office and was therefore targeted by the investigators. In the summer, the federal police FBI seized thousands of documents in Trump’s private home Mar-a-Lago in the state of Florida. Investigations against Trump have been going on for months. The ex-president could have made himself punishable by doing so. Biden had criticized Trump’s behavior in September as “irresponsible”.

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