US President Biden insults Putin |

As of: February 22, 2024 8:54 a.m

US President Biden has already attracted attention with vulgar expressions in the past. At a campaign event, the 81-year-old insulted Russian President Putin as a “bastard.” The Kremlin reacted quickly.

US President Joe Biden insulted Russian head of state Vladimir Putin at a public event. At a meeting with Democratic Party donors in San Francisco, Biden said climate change was the “existential threat to humanity” despite “crazy bastard Putin.”

In English, the president used the phrase “crazy SOB,” short for the insult “son of a bitch.” The insult can be translated into German in different ways, for example as “bastard”, “asshole” or even “son of a bitch”. The expression is quite common in the USA and is considered less vulgar compared to other insults.

In the past, the US President, who is prone to swearing, has called Putin a “butcher” and “war criminal.”

Criticism from Moscow

The Kremlin criticized Biden’s choice of words and advised the US President to seek better advice. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said his choice of words made Biden seem like a “Hollywood cowboy” and damaged America’s reputation. Putin has never made such rude statements.

After the death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Russian custody, Biden announced “significant” sanctions against Russia.

Biden has used the expression before

The Democrat, who is hoping to secure a second term in November’s presidential election, had used the insult before. When a Fox News reporter asked the president a question on the sidelines of a public appearance in Washington in January 2022, Biden muttered, “What a stupid son of a bitch,” audible to all because his microphone was still on.

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