US elections: Trump names six possible vice presidential candidates

Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden: It is virtually certain that there will be a repeat of the old man’s duel in November. It has so far remained unclear who Trump will take with him to the election campaign as his “running mate”.

Donald Trump names six potential deputies

The 77-year-old still does not want to finally decide who will be his vice president from 2025 if the worst comes to the worst. But he at least tightened his circle with presenter Laura Ingraham at a Fox News event this week. Three of the six names on the list belong to former competitors for the Republican nomination. There are also two representatives and a governor.

Trump didn’t want to let a favorite emerge. “All these people are good. They’re all solid,” he said simply.

Joe Biden is running with Kamala Harris

There will be no surprises with the Democratic incumbent. As in 2020, Biden is running with Kamala Harris – although as the first black vice president in US history, she has fallen far short of political expectations.

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