US election: TV debate between Biden and Trump scheduled for the end of June

US election
TV debate between Biden and Trump scheduled for the end of June

US President Joe Biden and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. photo

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Television debates in the US presidential election campaign are a traditional spectacle. There was actually already a schedule. But that has now been thrown overboard.

The first TV debate in the US presidential election campaign is between the Democratic incumbent Joe Biden and Republican challenger Donald Trump are surprisingly scheduled for the end of June. The television station CNN announced that it would host the duel on the evening of June 27th (June 28th according to German time) in Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly beforehand, Biden had suggested bringing forward the television debates and starting them next month – contrary to what was planned by a responsible commission. Trump agreed.

Another TV debate between the two is planned for the evening of September 10th (September 11th according to German time). This will be hosted by the US television station ABC. Biden confirmed his participation in both rounds on Platform X, Trump in turn did so on the Truth Social platform, which he helped found. Trump’s campaign team also wrote a letter to the Biden campaign to hold not just two, but four TV debates between Biden and Trump: in June, July, August and September.

It is unusual that the first television debate takes place in June. Biden and Trump are not expected to be named their parties’ official candidates until July and August at nomination conventions. In the USA there is a non-partisan commission that is traditionally responsible for organizing the television debates of presidential candidates. This had already set dates for three TV debates last November: on September 16th in the state of Texas, on October 1st in the state of Virginia and on October 9th in the state of Utah.

Vice presidents are scheduled to duel on September 25th

The commission also scheduled a debate between the two vice-presidential candidates for September 25 in the state of Pennsylvania. Biden is once again entering the election race with his deputy Kamala Harris. Trump has not yet announced who he wants at his side. It was initially unclear when the vice presidential TV debate could take place.

With the new initiative, Biden and Trump are ignoring the commission’s plans. At the insistence of Biden’s campaign team, no audience should be present in the television studio for the debate at the end of June. CNN wrote that this was to ensure “that candidates can make the most of the time they have.” Trump had actually advocated choosing a very large venue “for reasons of excitement,” even if Biden was apparently afraid of crowds.

The independent US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, who wants to run against Biden and Trump in the election, complained on X that the two deliberately wanted to exclude him from the TV debates “because they are afraid that I could win “.


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