urgent! serbian police Raid and seizure of Do Kwon’s luxury Belgrade apartment that has been in hiding for more than 6 months.

serbian police They raided and seized the luxury apartment in Belgrade where Do Kwon hid during a six-month manhunt, Serbian prosecutor Branko Stamenkovic said.

Police raided a €2 million apartment in the Serbian capital on Friday – just a day after it was revealed that Kwon’s colleague Han Chang-Joon had bought it while on the run.

“The police went to the area to search the apartments and buildings as ordered by the High Court in Belgrade on the recommendation of the prosecutor. And the apartment will be temporarily confiscated on the order of the prosecutor,” Stamenkovic said.

The news happened Earlier it was reported that Kwon sent $7 million to a South Korean law firm before TerraUSD and Luna collapsed in May.

“We have reason to suspect that the apartment was purchased with money from the crimes he was charged with in Korea,” Stamenkovic said.

Stamenkovic is the chief special prosecutor for high-tech crimes for the Republic of Serbia. They have been working with South Korea to hunt down Do Kwon and Han Chang-Joon, who have long been suspected of hiding in Serbia.

The apartment was purchased by Kwon’s accomplice Han Chang-Joon, Terraform Labs’ chief financial officer, and was arrested along with Kwon while they were both trying to board a plane from Montenegro to Dubai by using fake documents The pair are being held on suspicion of using false passports and are awaiting formal charges from a Montenegro court. which is expected to happen this week

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