Update on the attack on two police officers in a police station in the 13th arrondissement

Life returns to normal in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, as if nothing had happened. However, a particularly violent incident punctuated the night. On Thursday evening, a man shot two police officers after his arrest for an attack on a woman. The Paris police chief, Laurent Nuñez, who visited the site, indicated this morning on France Info that the vital prognosis of a police officer was “still engaged”. 20 minutes takes stock of this matter.

What happened ?

The events took place Thursday evening, around 10:30 p.m. Police officers intervened in “a building” in the 13th arrondissement for an “extremely violent attack with a box cutter on a woman who was seriously injured”, relates Laurent Nuñez. The prefect specifies that the woman was attacked at her home, and that the police had to “break down the door” to intervene. The man, “obviously very excited”, was taken to the police station to carry out an alcohol test.

It was during his “takeover”, at the time of the search, at the 13th arrondissement police station that he stole a police officer’s weapon and fired it, seriously injuring two police officers. He himself was seriously injured in the chest by return fire, without his life threatening, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

What do we know about the attacker?

Little information has yet been made public about the attacker. The very motive for the woman’s attack is not yet clear. “We don’t know if he knew the woman,” explains Laurent Nuñez on France Info, referring to the various investigations underway in this case.

When asked if the events within the police station could be compared to terrorism, he replied: “it is too early. The Paris prosecutor (Laure Beccuau) will communicate on this.”

What is the state of health of the victims?

Injured during the initial attack, the woman is currently out of danger. His vital prognosis is not in jeopardy, like that of the attacker, injured by bullets in the chest. Concerning the two police officers, one was hit in the thigh, the other in the abdomen. They were initially taken care of by their colleagues, until the firefighters arrived, before being admitted to a Parisian hospital. The vital prognosis of the second police officer is “still engaged”, specifies Laurent Nuñez.

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