Unterschleißheim – Tempo 70 remains on Kreuzstrasse – district of Munich

The city of Unterschleißheim and the Lohhof-Süd action alliance against stench and noise have failed in their efforts to calm traffic on the heavily congested Kreuzstrasse. A restriction of the maximum speed from 70 to 50 kilometers per hour was just as difficult to enforce with the district office responsible for state road 2053 as with the Freising State Building Authority, which is responsible for technical maintenance. Nevertheless, the action alliance’s application, which the town hall supported, was possibly not in vain. According to the town hall, it was possible to achieve a “noticeable sensitization” in discussions about one’s own position. They are now counting on the cards being reshuffled in a few years.

The dead-straight Kreuzstraße between Lustheim and the Ingolstädter Landstraße (B 13) affects a part of Unterschleißheim that is burdened by many circumstances. On the one hand there is the thoroughfare, which is also heavily used by trucks, on the other hand there is the unattractive business in the area, above all the Geiger recycling company, which is already on Garchinger Flur. The fight against “stench and noise”, which the action alliance has been waging for years, has so far been directed primarily against this neighbor.

But traffic is also a huge issue in the extensive residential area in Lohhof-Süd, which borders on Kreuzstrasse. The city of Unterschleißheim is planning another new residential area with multi-generational housing, but also a bypass road to get traffic out of the residential streets. Mayor Christoph Böck (SPD) emphasized in the city council’s environmental committee when he announced the failure of the Tempo 50 initiative that the entire traffic and the conditions on Kreuzstraße would have to be reassessed with the new residential area.

The expectation is that Kreuzstrasse will then also have a stronger inner-city character. The higher authorities argue that this is currently missing. A transfer of the place-name sign to the state road was therefore rejected, as was Tempo 50.

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