Unterschleißheim – Container for the Red Cross – District of Munich

The Red Cross helpers in Unterschleißheim have every reason to look forward to the future. The new construction of their administration building including the vehicle hall on Furtweg is progressing as planned. The windows are just being installed so that everything stays dry inside when it rains or when snow is expected soon. What a blessing a dry house is, the members of the BRK readiness experience especially in the rather dreary present. Because the old BRK home can no longer be used after water damage. For this reason, containers were delivered to Stadionstraße last week, which are to be used on an interim basis until the new building is completed. The move-in there is planned for the end of September 2023.

The city council’s building committee was not enthusiastic about this interim solution. Bernd Knatz from the ÖDP wanted to know whether the use of vacant office space in the city had also been considered. Jürgen Radtke from the Greens would have liked the city to ask whether unused parts of the Corona test center could not be occupied, which are hardly used to capacity. However, Mayor Christoph Böck (SPD) defended the solution found, which was practicable and not associated with costs for the city. It’s only about 60 square meters. Nobody rents out such a small area for a relatively short period of time.

Everything seems to be going according to plan on the construction site for the new building, apart from the costs, which the city of Unterschleißheim has repeatedly increased over the past few years. There were also savings rounds in the city council for the BRK home, as was the case recently with the new fire station. In May 2021, 5.6 million euros were raised for the new base of the Red Cross helpers, which is being built on the bridge towards Unterschleißheimer See near the motorway. However, it did not stop there because, among other things, the costs of building materials such as steel, wood and insulating materials have risen. At the beginning of 2022, the city council approved a budget of 6.8 million euros.

The old house will be demolished earlier

The inventory of the Red Cross was supposed to remain in the old building until the new building was completed. After the water damage in August, that was no longer possible. The Red Cross helpers were looking for storage facilities at short notice. Training has since taken place at the water rescue service, says on-call manager Christoph Breitfeld. Now the containers are purchased, with insurance covering the costs. The demolition of the old building, which was planned anyway, is now to be brought forward, according to the city’s building authority. The four containers would be used for storage, but also for training, says Breitfeld. They would be placed on the test center containers. Should this be dismantled at the end of the year, they would be placed at ground level. The electrical installation is still missing, then you can use it.

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