Unterföhring – magic booths in the whole village – district of Munich

After a year of corona-related pause, Unterföhring is scheduled to have a booth magic and an ice rink again in December. The administration presented a concept to the youth and culture committee on Thursday evening as to how the two events could take place despite the pandemic. While the ice magic is planned from December 27th to January 6th as usual on the forecourt of the community center, but admittedly under the then applicable hygiene requirements, a other shape can be found. Whether the Christmas market and ice magic can really take place depends not least on the development of the infection rate.

After deliberations in the town hall, the two Christmas markets, which took place on two different dates before the pandemic, could be “pulled together”, as it was said in the meeting proposal. The Unterföhringer could prepare for a longer federal magic. It is conceivable to have the Christmas market, which is traditionally held on the first weekend in December, start on the Wednesday or Thursday before.

It is already certain that the visitors cannot meet for mulled wine and punch in the forecourt of the community center under the market roof, as was customary in the past. In order to avoid too large crowds in view of the corona pandemic, the stalls should be at different locations in the community. According to the administration, possible locations would be the Bürgerhausplatz, the parking lot at the town hall, where the Christmas market took place in earlier times, and on the forecourt of the adult education center at the train station. The latter could also attract employees from companies beyond the S-Bahn. Possibly, seating over beer table sets should be created in the foyers of the community center and VHS so that visitors can enjoy a sausage regardless of the weather. While the mask can be removed while sitting down to eat, it can be assumed that mouth and nose protection will be mandatory when strolling through the market at the three locations. And one thing is certain: the market areas must be fenced in to ensure entry control according to the 3G rules. The association’s office in Unterföhring’s town hall creates a corresponding concept for this in coordination with the Office for Public Safety and Order and with the Building Authority. In addition, a survey will be started among local associations and institutions as to whether they want to participate under the changed conditions. The special thing about the Unterföhringer Christkindlmarkt is that it is only stocked by volunteers and the proceeds are donated. In 2019, 43,000 euros were raised.

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