Unterföhring – fruit and nuts for everyone – district of Munich

On Thursday, September 9th, at 11 a.m. on the Schlittenberg in the Isarau, the marking campaign for fruit trees in the municipality of Unterföhring will start. Yellow ribbons are intended to show walkers which bushes and trees they can harvest for their private purposes. According to information from the town hall, many nuts and beautiful fruit that needs to be picked grow on Unterföhringer Flur. So far, many have had the feeling that this is not really allowed. On the initiative of the Unterföhringer Gartenbauverein and supported by the town hall administration, trees and bushes are now being designated, the fruits of which people are expressly allowed to harvest and use for themselves. After the action on Schlittenberg with Mayor Andreas Kemmelmeyer (party-free electorate), a bike tour of the horticultural association and the “Zukunft Unterfairing” initiative is planned. “A great action, in this way nature’s resources are made available to everyone and free of charge,” the mayor is quoted as saying in a press release. And the joint harvest also has a positive side effect: The employees of the building yard have less effort to collect windfalls.


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