Unique dog: Brodie looks almost like a giraffe

See in the video: A long neck and spots – Greyhound Brodie looks almost like a giraffe.

Brodie the dog looks almost like a giraffe.

Its long neck and the pattern of spots on its belly give the greyhound a resemblance to the African steppe animals.

His owner Louisa Crook saves Brodie after being hit by a car. The Azawakh loses a leg in an accident – but its owner loves him for who he is.

“Brodie is the most beautiful dog I’ll ever see. I’m a greyhound fan and Azawakhs are my favorite breed. “

The marketing consultant from the Middle East also describes how Brodie took her breath away when she first met.

Apparently, Brodie doesn’t have to look for a new home in the near future – even if he could certainly do it well with his long neck.

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