UNESCO condemns murder of two journalists

UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay on Tuesday condemned the “murder” in Ukraine of two journalists, an Irish cameraman from Fox News and a Ukrainian who was accompanying him, stressing that the media “should never be taken for target”.

The journalists were killed on Monday near kyiv in an attack that also left one American television station staff injured. Pierre Zakrzewski was a former war photographer who had covered numerous conflicts, notably in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Aged 24, Oleksandra Kuvshinova was a local journalist, she had worked for Fox News for a month.

The 5th journalist killed in Ukraine since the start of the conflict

While reporting for Fox News, the two journalists were killed in a bombing that also injured another journalist, who is still hospitalized.

“Journalists play a vital role in disseminating information during conflict and should never be targeted,” the UNESCO director-general said in a statement. “I call for respect for international humanitarian standards, in order to guarantee the protection of journalists and media professionals,” she continues.

Based in London, Pierre Zakrzewski, accustomed to theaters of war – Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria – is the fifth journalist and the second foreign reporter killed since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

American Brent Renaud was shot and killed on Sunday in the northwestern suburbs of kyiv. Before Oleksandra Kuvshinova, the Ukrainian journalist Yevgeny Sakoun was killed in the bombardment of the television tower in kyiv and his colleague Viktor Doudar perished during fighting near Mykolaiv (south), according to the Ukrainian authorities who also counted more than 30 wounded among members of the press covering the conflict.

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