“Uncoupled”: Series also affected by writers’ strike

Series also affected by the writers’ strike

Neil Patrick Harris (right) as Michael Lawson and Tuc Watkins as Colin McKenna in “Uncoupled.”


The series “Uncoupled” with Neil Patrick Harris is going into a second season. However, filming is on hold due to the strike.

Filming for the second season of the series “Uncoupled” starring Neil Patrick Harris (49) has been suspended for the time being. The reason for the stoppage of filming is also the current writers’ strike in Hollywood, like Harris himself recently announced on the US show “The View”.

“We were supposed to start filming in early July but the writers’ strike is happening,” said the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star. However, since the authors are very important, the production will “just wait”. Harris hopes for “good weather” at the start of shooting.

The good news is that the show was acquired by the Showtime streaming service after Netflix announced in January 2023 that it would be canceled after just one season. “Uncoupled” premiered in July 2022 and was not as convincing as other Netflix originals. The series only made the streaming service’s top 10 in its launch week.

That’s what “Uncoupled” is about

The series is about Michael Lawson (Neil Patrick Harris), who seems to be doing perfectly as a successful real estate agent in New York City. He has a family behind him, a close circle of friends and a 17-year relationship with partner Colin (Tuc Watkins, 56).

But he surprisingly separates on the eve of his 50th birthday and moves out. Michael is completely caught off guard by the decision and suddenly has to deal with two problems: losing his alleged soulmate and being a gay single in his mid-40s in New York.


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