UN finds Russian ‘war crimes’, Poland sends fighter jets

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news of the day

UN investigators have issued their first report on the war in Ukraine since the Russian invasion. They note that “the transfer and deportation of children, within Ukraine and to the Russian Federation respectively”, constitute a “war crime”. In addition, “the waves of attacks carried out by the Russian armed forces, from October 10, 2022, against Ukrainian energy infrastructure and the use of torture by the Russian authorities could constitute crimes against humanity”. The report, however, does not conclude that there was a “genocide” in Ukraine, even if “certain aspects may raise questions about this crime”.

sentence of the day

A year after the start of the war, Europe is more united than ever. »

Mark Leonard, co-author of a study by the European Council for International Relations, highlights the unity of Europeans in the face of the war in Ukraine. 38% of respondents in January 2023 in 10 European countries believe that Ukraine must regain all of its territory, even if it means “a longer war and more dead or displaced Ukrainians”. This feeling rises to 52% in Poland, a neighboring country and committed supporter of Ukraine. Europeans now agree at 66% that Russia is an adversary or a rival.

The number of the day

4. This is the number of Mig-29 fighters that Poland will transfer to Ukraine in the coming days. “Other devices are currently undergoing maintenance and will probably be successively transferred” too, added President Andrzej Duda. “We can therefore say that we are on the point of sending these MiGs to Ukraine”, he said, specifying that Poland has about fifteen MiGs, inherited in the 1990s from the armed forces of the German Democratic Republic.

The trend of the day

Ukraine continues to firmly defend Bakhmout. In the woods around the city and in the nearest villages, commandos were deployed to counter the Russian attacks. “Our mission is to stop the enemy attack and support our infantry troops with artillery,” said the commando leader, who wishes to remain anonymous. Hooded and helmeted, wearing small camouflaged backpacks, the group’s elite soldiers are equipped with TAR-21 assault rifles – an Israeli weapon manufactured under Ukrainian license – with telescopes and silencers, machine guns and anti-tank rocket launchers.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also mentioned the city’s position in an interview with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. “I informed him of the situation at the front, of the defense of Bakhmout. […] As always, we have achieved concrete results by increasing defense and economic support to Ukraine. I appreciate the UK’s unshakeable position! “tweeted the Ukrainian president.

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