Ukrainian border area: several explosions in Transnistria

Status: 04/26/2022 12:48 p.m

There have been several explosions in the Moldovan conflict region of Transnistria, which borders Ukraine. According to the authorities, a ministry was attacked and radio masts were blown up. Moldova convened the Security Council.

Authorities in the pro-Russian separatist-controlled Transnistria region of Moldova have reported explosions at a radio tower near the Ukrainian border. The Transnistrian Interior Ministry said two explosions could be heard in the village of Mayak in the Grigoriopolski district.

According to the Transnistrian authorities, no one was injured in the explosions. However, two antennas through which Russian radio broadcasts were broadcast are out of order.

Explosions in the Ministry of State Security

The authorities had already reported an alleged attack on the premises of the Ministry for State Security with a portable grenade launcher the previous evening. According to the local news agency Novosti PMR, it was one of three such attacks in the region.

Photos, the authenticity of which could not be verified, showed smashed windows and a smashed entrance. Authorities said the building had been fired at with anti-tank ammunition. No one was injured due to a day off.

Republic of Moldova convenes Security Council

The Moldovan authorities in the capital Chisinau said it was not clear who shot. However, it is obviously a provocation aimed at destabilizing the situation in the conflict region.

According to her office, Moldova’s President Maia Sandu called a meeting of the country’s Supreme Security Council because of the incidents. The Security Council of Transnistria imposed the red and thus the highest terror alert level in the area. According to local media, checkpoints have been set up.

Russian soldiers stationed in Transnistria

The Russian army has a military base and a large ammunition dump in the region. Russia has about 1,500 troops stationed in Moldova’s breakaway Transnistria, serving as nominal peacekeepers.

High-ranking politicians in Russia are already talking about a provocation. “The events in Transnistria are a provocation aimed at drawing Russia even deeper into the military operations in the region,” said the head of the Duma committee on the CIS, Leonid Kalashnikov.

Russia is closely following events in Transnistria, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. The news from the region is a matter of serious concern, he said.

Concern about escalation of hostilities

The Ukrainian government, on the other hand, accuses the leadership in Moscow of provoking in order to foment panic. According to this, the troops stationed in Transnistria could try to attack Ukraine from there in the direction of the city of Odessa on the Black Sea.

In a statement released by Ukraine, the secret service recalled a statement made by a Russian commander. Senior General Rustam Minnekayev had said the task of the Russian army was to gain control of Donbass and southern Ukraine. In this way, a land connection to the annexed Black Sea peninsula of Crimea and to Transnistria could be established.

According to Minnekayev, Russian-speaking people are oppressed there. The Foreign Ministry in Chisinau summoned the Russian ambassador to the general’s statements and called on the Russian government to respect the “sovereignty and territorial integrity” of the Republic of Moldova.

Transnistria not recognized internationally

Internationally unrecognized Transnistria lies on the border between Moldova and Ukraine; it broke away from Moldova in the 1990s. About 470,000 people live in Transnistria.

The war in neighboring Ukraine is causing unrest in the Republic of Moldova. There are fears that after invading Ukraine, Russia could also target Moldova, which borders EU and NATO member Romania.

Attacks in Transnistria – Concerns about the expansion of the Ukraine war

Stephan Laack, WDR, April 26, 2022 12:58 p.m

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