Ukraine war: Russia wants to salvage sunken “Moskva” – with ancient ship

Ukraine war
Over 100 years old: Ancient warship is said to rescue the sunken “Moskva”.

The sunken “Moskva” and the salvage ship, the “Kommuna”.

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For Russia, the sinking of the “Moskva” was a slap in the face. Now the warship is to be salvaged – by one of the oldest ships in the Russian fleet.

Since the invasion, Russia has had to deal with a number of serious setbacks: fallen generals, bombed-out tanks – and then finally the sinking of the particularly renowned cruiser “Moskva”.

The “Moskva” was important for Russia in several respects: As the largest warship in the Russian Navy, it was supposed to protect the remaining combat ships in the Black Sea from attacks. At the same time, the ship also had a charisma for the Russian troops, was named after the Russian capital and supported the morale of the Russian soldiers as a showpiece.

“Kommuna”: Ancient catamaran is now supposed to salvage the sunken “Moskva”.

Only a few days after the sinking of the “Moskva”, Putin has now ordered the flagship ship to be recovered. Curious: The Methusalem of the Russian Navy is supposed to be used. The “Kommuna” is a giant catamaran (boat with two hulls lying parallel in the water), a proud 110 years old and thus one of the oldest warships still in use worldwide.

It was originally built to salvage smaller submarines, but most recently it was mainly used to transport modern submarines, but also tanks and tractors. Practical: Between the two hulls, the “Kommuna” has a crane deck that can lift and transport heavy equipment.

However, it is unlikely that the “Kommuna” will actually get the “Moskva” seaworthy again so that she can be towed away and made fit again. The use of the ancient ship should have a different meaning. For Putin and the Russian military, the “Moskva” is still important even after the sinking: Technologically valuable weapon systems are installed on the ship, including anti-ship missiles and anti-aircraft missiles. Secret documents and sensitive equipment could also be stored on the “Moskva”., “Picture”


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