Ukraine war: British Foreign Secretary: “If Putin succeeds, there will be even more misery across Europe”

Presidential adviser: War may last until the end of the year +++ Ukraine ready for a possible attack from Transnistria +++ Putin hopes for an agreement with Ukraine +++ The most important reports on Russia’s war against Ukraine in star-Ticker.

The war in Ukraine continues unabated. The country later complained new Russian attacks Further dead and injured in several regions of the country. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said about Moscow’s goals:

The ultimate goal of the Russian leadership is not only the conquest of Ukraine, but the smashing of all of Central and Eastern Europe.

The most important reports on the Ukraine war on Wednesday, April 27th:

10:22 a.m .: Russia claims to have destroyed “large amounts” of western weapons

According to its army, Russia destroyed a “large quantity” of weapons supplied to Ukraine by the United States and European countries in a missile attack in southeastern Ukraine, the Defense Ministry said in Moscow. The weapons and western ammunition were stored in warehouses on the premises of an aluminum plant in Zaporizhia. According to the Russian army, they carried out airstrikes on a total of 59 targets in Ukraine, including four ammunition depots. On the premises of the aluminum plant, high-precision long-range missiles of the Kalibr type were used, which are launched from the sea.

9:44 a.m.: Heavy weapons such as tanks and planes for Ukraine from London

Britain has spoken out in favor of supplying Ukraine with tanks and planes. “Heavy weapons, tanks, aircraft — we’re digging deep in our stocks, increasing production,” Secretary of State Liz Truss said in a speech scheduled for Wednesday evening, according to her department. “We cannot sit back: Ukraine’s fate remains in the balance.” In her speech she will emphatically warn against a Russian victory. “If Putin succeeds, there will be more misery across Europe and terrible consequences around the world. We would never feel safe again.”

9.13 a.m .: Ukraine announces the capture of several eastern Ukrainian locations by the Russian army

According to Ukrainian sources, the Russian army has captured several towns during its offensive in eastern Ukraine. As announced by the Ministry of Defense in Kyiv, the Russian armed forces are currently advancing from the already captured city of Izyum south of Kharkiv in the direction of the city of Barvinkove further south. They would have conquered the villages of Savody and Velyka Komyshuvahka. Further east, the Russian army is reportedly advancing on the city of Lyman in the Donetsk region. They conquered the towns of Saritschne and Nowotoschkivske. Zarichne is just 50 kilometers from the city of Kramatorsk, where dozens of people were killed in an attack on a train station in early April.

8:00 a.m .: The Ukraine crisis sends consumer sentiment to an all-time low

After the second deterioration in a row, consumer sentiment in Germany has reached an all-time low. According to the Nuremberg-based consumer research company GfK, the expectations of Germans with regard to the economic outlook and their incomes as well as their desire to buy were dampened noticeably in April. The overall situation has slipped to its lowest level since surveys began in 1991. With the bad mood, the previous low from April 2020 is even fallen below – the peak of the first corona wave with an extensive lockdown, according to GfK.

7.39 a.m .: Ukrainian Premjer Liha breaks off the season – no champion

The Ukrainian football league is canceling its current season because of the Russian war of aggression – so there will be no football champions in 2022. All 16 clubs in the top division have agreed to this decision, the UPL said. The standings from February 24th are the final for the 2021/22 season. After 18 match days, series champion Shakhtar Donetsk (47 points) was ahead of Dynamo Kyiv (45). Clubs like Sorja Luhansk or Shakhtar Donetsk, which come from the areas of eastern Ukraine that have been controlled by pro-Russian separatists since 2014, have not been training or playing in their home country for several years.

7.27 a.m .: Kyiv reports reinforcements of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine

According to Ukrainian information, the Russian armed forces have moved military forces from Russia to the attack area in order to accelerate the offensive in eastern Ukraine. “In order to reinforce the troops, the occupiers transferred two tactical battalions of the 76th airborne division from the Belgorod region to the city of Izyum,” the Ukrainian General Staff said. In addition, two more Iskander-M missile divisions have been set up in the Russian border region of Belgorod. According to the situation report, the Russian troops were able to gain some ground in the northeastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv.

5:23 a.m.: Russian ammunition depot near Ukrainian border on fire

According to Russian officials, an ammunition depot caught fire in the Belgorod region on the Ukrainian border. The governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov said that no residential buildings or houses were destroyed and there were no civilian casualties. Moscow had threatened Ukraine with increasing targeting of command posts for rocket attacks in the capital Kyiv.

5:21 a.m.: Australia sends howitzers to Ukraine

Australia is supporting Ukraine in the war against Russia with six British M777 howitzers. In addition, the country has promised ammunition for the artillery weapons, the government in Canberra said. This brings the total amount of military aid from Australia to 225 million Australian dollars (151 million euros).

5.16 a.m .: Bundestag debates Bundeswehr rearmament and arms deliveries

After the German government announced that it would support Ukraine with heavy weapons against Russia, the discussion about the right path in the Ukraine war continued. On Wednesday, the Bundestag will discuss the first consultations on the planned special assets of the Bundeswehr and arms deliveries to Ukraine. In addition to an application from the traffic light groups, the Union, the largest opposition group, has also submitted an application that goes much further in terms of the delivery of heavy weapons. Both motions are to be discussed in plenary this Thursday.

5.16 a.m .: CDU, FDP and Greens are calling for sanctions against Schröder

Politicians from the FDP, Greens and CDU have spoken out in favor of sanctions against former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) because of his pro-Russian attitude. “He belongs as soon as possible on the sanctions list of Putin profiteers,” said FDP presidium member Moritz Körner to the “Handelsblatt”. The CDU foreign politician Roderich Kiesewetter also called for sanctions, as did the Green MEP Reinhard Bütikofer.

5:00 a.m.: ADAC calls for saving fuel

In view of the war in Ukraine, the ADAC calls for fuel savings. “Every liter of fuel saved can help to reduce dependency on oil imports and thus indirectly influence the further development of the war,” said ADAC President Christian Reinicke to the newspapers of the Funke media group. It is also possible “to go to the bakery by bike instead of the SUV”.

3.30 a.m .: Union calls for relief package for the economy

In view of the burdens also caused by the Ukraine war, the Union called on the federal government to provide a comprehensive relief package for the economy. In a Bundestag motion, the CDU/CSU parliamentary group advocates, among other things, a “moratorium on tax burdens”, tax relief and more flexible labor law regulations. The competitiveness and sustainability of the economy must be strengthened. The application is to be discussed in the Bundestag on Thursday.

03.22 Ukraine: Forces ready for possible attack from Transnistria

Ukrainian forces are prepared for a possible attack by Russian troops from the Moldovan separatist region of Transnistria, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said. The strength of these troops is known and the Ukrainian armed forces are not afraid of them. A contingent of Russian soldiers is stationed in Transnistria.

1.44 a.m .: Johnson: Thanks to censorship, Putin has a lot of “political leeway” in the Ukraine war

According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Russian President Vladimir Putin has the “political leeway” to end his invasion of Ukraine face-saving – also thanks to censorship in Russia. This is due to “the massive Russian support for his actions and the apparent forgetfulness of the Russian media,” Johnson told TalkTV. As a result, Putin could tell the Russian people that the operation launched in Ukraine was “complete” and “technically a success” – although this may not be factual.

12:18 a.m .: Ukraine’s presidential adviser: War can last until the end of the year

According to the Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych, the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine could drag on for many months. The weapons newly delivered to Ukraine could have “serious effects” on the fighting in late May or early June, he said in a YouTube interview. The war itself could last until the end of the year.

12:01 a.m .: According to his own words, Putin hopes for an agreement with Ukraine

In his own words, Russia’s head of state Vladimir Putin “hopes” for a negotiated settlement of the conflict with Ukraine. “Despite the fact that military action is ongoing, we still hope that we will be able to reach agreements through diplomatic channels,” he said during a meeting with UN Secretary-General António Guterres in Moscow. Putin also addressed allegations against Russian soldiers in connection with the atrocities in the Ukrainian city of Bucha during the televised meeting with Guterres. There was a “provocation” in Bucha “that the Russian army had nothing to do with,” Putin said. “We know who prepared this provocation, with what means, and which people worked on it.”


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