Ukraine War: A Tour of the Completely Destroyed Avdiivka (Video)

Watch the video: Like in post-apocalyptic films – a tour of the completely destroyed Avdiivka.

These are depressing images that are believed to have come from the embattled Ukrainian city of Avdiivka, where hardly a stone seems to have been laid upon another. However, reports from the war zone cannot be independently verified. But the head of the local military administration reports that Avdiivka is becoming more and more like a place from post-apocalyptic films. It was March 26 and the Russian attacks were only going to intensify. According to him, the evacuation of people who remained in the city has also begun. In addition, mobile phone reception should be switched off because there are spies there. According to official figures, around 2,000 civilians still live there. Before the war, the city had more than 30,000 inhabitants and is located around 70 kilometers south-west of the embattled city of Bachmut. This place in eastern Ukraine also seems to have been completely devastated. The Ukrainian military released drone footage on Sunday showing the besieged and contested site. Residential areas are completely destroyed. While one could verify the location, it was not possible to independently verify the exact date of the recording. For Moscow, the capture of Bakhmut is crucial to complete the conquest of the Donbas industrial region in eastern Ukraine, one of its self-proclaimed war goals.

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