Ukraine-News: Scholz assures Ukraine unlimited support

NATO does not expect the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine to end any time soon. “Putin is preparing for a long war,” Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana said at the start of a two-day meeting of the Western Defense Alliance’s Military Committee. Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin has already mobilized more than 200,000 additional soldiers, is increasing arms production and is also acquiring more weapons from authoritarian regimes such as Iran. “We have to be prepared for a long road,” Geoana said. “2023 will be a difficult year and we must support Ukraine as long as it is necessary.”

The chairman of the military committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, called the meeting a “sacred duty” to always be prepared to expect the unexpected. It is also crucial to honestly inform the political leadership about strengths and weaknesses. “Today, modern warfare is as much about bits and bots as it is about mud and blood,” said the Dutchman.

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