Ukraine-News: Report: Iranian drones replace Russian missiles

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You must have turned on the heating at home when the temperatures were below zero at the weekend. Although maybe not quite as high as usual because of the energy prices. In the Ukraine it is not that easy at the moment. Winter is coming there too, but Russia has damaged the energy infrastructure so badly that the government in Kyiv is now Warming rooms for the population set up. More than 4000 such “stability points” According to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, schools and administrative buildings are set up across the country. Over there Electricity, internet, water, first aid and – and this is perhaps one of the most important things these days – warmth.

Power outages are now the order of the day in Ukraine. Russian attacks impede district heating, gas and water supplies. The EU therefore wants to vote today on a resolution that will foreseeably describe Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism because of the attacks on civilian targets.

We count that 273rd day of war in Ukraine and start, as usual, with an overview of the recent events from the night:

  • Kiev’s mayor Vitali Klitschko prepares citizens for the “worst scenario”: widespread power failures at low temperatures
  • Ukrainian Security Council Says Russia has enough missiles for further attacks
  • Zelenskyy: nationwide 2000 occupied towns and villages still have to be liberated
  • The Czech Republic is preparing for war of great magnitude against highly evolved opponents before
And it will still important today:
EU Parliament votes on terror resolution. Because of the attacks on civilian targets, Russia could then be listed as a state sponsor of terror. And the German Vice President of the EU Parliament, Nicola Beer, is expected to attend talks in Kyiv today.

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