Ukraine-News: Military chief calls for evacuation of Avdiivka

By order of the Ukrainian army, the Employees of all municipal services those of Russia’s armed forces destroyed small town of Avdiivka left in the east of the country.

“Unfortunately, Avdiivka is increasingly turning into a site of post-apocalyptic films,” military chief Vitaly Barabash was quoted as saying by Ukraine’s Unian agency yesterday. Due to the constant attacks, the city had become a lunar landscape.

Therefore, it was decided to evacuate the municipal services employees who had been maintaining the city’s viability. “I strongly recommend leaving the city because the Russian rockets and shells spare nothing and nobody,” said Barabash.

Avdiivka had around 32,000 inhabitants before the war. The small town is just a few kilometers north of the Russian-controlled city of Donetsk. Avdiivka has been the focus of heavy Russian attacks for several days. After the unsuccessful attacks near Bakhmut, the Russian military have now shifted their focus of attack to Avdiivka, according to the Ukrainian account.

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