Ukraine: Jack Russell terrier “Patron” becomes a folk hero as a mine detection dog

Ukraine war
He sniffs out Russian mines and explosives: Jack Russell terrier “Patron” is celebrated as a hero in Ukraine

“Patron will work as long as our people need it,” says his master Misha

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A Ukrainian Jack Russell Terrier and his owner work together to track down mines and unexploded ordnance left behind by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Four-legged friends are celebrated on social media.

Patron isn’t just a dog who loves cheese and tummy rubs: the two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier helps the Ukrainian Armed Forces locate mines and unexploded ordnance left behind by Russian soldiers.

After the first Russian bombs fell on Ukraine, Patron began learning to recognize the smell of gunpowder. As soon as he sniffs it out, he gives his master Misha a sign. His human colleagues then set about defusing the mines.

“It will take about a year and a half to clean up the city”

Patron works exclusively with master Misha. The 32-year-old comes from the northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv and initially bought the Jack Russell Terrier as a pet for his son. Today, the four-legged friend actively supports his master at work.

“Patron works around the clock, as does a group of pyrotechnicians, and it will take about a year and a half to clean up the city,” Misha told Today. “It will be about three to four years for the entire region.”

Misha does not reveal how many explosive devices Patron has already tracked down. A spokesman for the state’s civil protection agency told the Washington Post that at least 54,000 mines and unexploded missiles, including nearly 2,000 rockets, have been found and defused in Ukraine so far.

Mine detection dogs are celebrated online as heroes

While the team works hard at all hours of the day and night, Patron and its owner also find time to play. “Patron just loves cheese,” says Misha. “He’s a very active dog who likes to romp around with other dogs and then of course sleeps.”

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The four-legged friend is celebrated as a hero on the Internet. Over 150,000 people follow “his” Instagram account. “Patron could become the national mascot of Ukraine! I’ve read about the incredible work that Patron and his teammates are doing, huge respect to you all!” one user wrote on Instagram. Another commented: “Cool dog, how many lives he saves, many thanks to him and his owners.”

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