UK: Johnson apologizes – politics

The situation is becoming increasingly serious for Boris Johnson: The British Prime Minister admits to having attended a party in his own garden in the middle of lockdown. And a clear majority of the British are now in favor of his resignation.


Michael Neudecker, London

The new year has only just begun, but for Boris Johnson it’s almost like the old one never stopped. Omikron is still everywhere, the cost of electricity and gas continues to rise, inflation is reaching worrying levels, and Westminster is all about party. For many weeks the British media, as well as many MPs, have been devoting themselves to the question of whether, and if so, how many parties were held in Downing Street during lockdown times and who attended them. The level of detail of the research is impressive, the list of meetings long, including events with the title “Wine & Cheese”, but also a quiz evening, photos included. Sometimes it’s like following not the politics of a major western state but a sitcom on ITV, only that the remote control for switching is broken.

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