UFC-Que Choisir files a complaint against these 8 e-commerce sites for “misleading commercial practices”

The consumer defense association UFC Que-Choisir announced on Wednesday May 31 that it had filed a complaint against eight online sales sites for “misleading commercial practices”. Among them are La Redoute, Amazon, or Cdiscount.

Several large e-commerce sites pinned. In a press release dated Wednesday, May 31, the UFC-Que Choisir association announced that it had filed a complaint against eight online sales platforms, for alleged facts of “misleading commercial practices”. Amazon, ASOS, Cdiscount, E.Leclerc, La Redoute, Rue du Commerce, Veepee and Zalando are those affected by this procedure.

The complaint mainly concerns promotions, and follows a study carried out by the association, on 6,586 ads with a crossed out price: “Only 3.4% of them correspond to real promotions operated by sellers”, estimated UFC-Que Choisir.

It is therefore 96.6% of the advertisements studied which would be misleading: “Professionals display promotions based not on price reductions over the last thirty days, but on the concept of so-called “comparison” price”, explained consumer protection association.

“In this case, they freely choose a reference price with which to compare their product, so as to present their offer as a bargain not to be missed,” the organization continued.

UFC-Que Choisir requests the European Commission

In addition to the complaint, UFC-Que Choisir asked the European Commission to put in place a strict ban on “any other reference price system than that provided for by the dedicated ‘Omnibus’ directive”.

According to these regulations, the display of a price reduction must be done on the basis of the price most not practiced by the seller, during the month preceding the entry into force of the promotion, recalled the association.

Amazon reacted to the news, indicating that it is in full analysis of the study and “committed to providing customers with the best possible experience, which includes a shopping experience that complies with applicable regulations”, assured the platform. form contacted by AFP.

For its part, La Redoute defended itself, saying that the products sold directly fully complied with the requirements of the Omnibus directive, indicating that on its marketplace, it could “sanction” sellers who do not comply with the regulations.

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