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Udo Lindenberg is the new honorary citizen of the city of Hamburg. The citizenship awarded the 76-year-old the highest award in the Hanseatic city with a large majority.

After Udo Lindenberg had taken selfies with passers-by in front of the town hall, he said at the ceremony in the main ballroom in front of around 350 invited guests – equipped as usual with hat, sunglasses and studded belt – he had already seen it on his first visit to Hamburg on December 13, 1968 knew that he belonged in the Hanseatic city. Hamburg is everything he was always looking for, cosmopolitanism and plenty of correct Rock’n’Roll, his personal Eldorado. “The fact that this awesome, brightly colored city of music and culture is now making me its honorary panic is of course an absolute hammer and a huge honor.”


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The ceremony for awarding Udo Lindenberg honorary citizenship took place on Wednesday evening in Hamburg City Hall. 101 mins

“Thank you for being your honorary rock’n’roller now”

“Thank you for being your honorary Rock’n’Roller now,” said Lindenberg, before singing his song “Why are wars there” with the Hamburg school choir Gospel Train. Jan Delay and Johannes Oerding also accompanied the ceremony musically.

The ceremony was preceded by a citizenship meeting in which almost all factions voted for Lindenberg’s appointment as an honorary citizen. Only the AfD voted against by majority.

Tschentscher: “Lindenberg is a Hanseatic out of conviction”

In addition to his musical achievements, Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) paid tribute to Lindenberg’s efforts to promote understanding within Germany and his commitment to combating violence, right-wing extremism and discrimination. “He is an ambassador for tolerance, peace and freedom. In other words: Udo Lindenberg is a Hanseatic citizen, not by birth, but by conviction.”


Udo Lindenberg.  ©screenshot

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Clear edge, always full steam ahead: Udo Lindenberg has been in show business for 60 years. 5 mins

Hamburg’s second mayor Katharina Fegebank (Greens) emphasized: “We are incredibly proud that he has made Hamburg his home and has become a role model for many artists.” Hamburg carries its name and its sound in its heart, “for now and always,” according to Fegebank.

CDU faction leader Dennis Thering said that Lindenberg’s music is definitely part of the history of German reunification. “Through his work he has been connected to Hamburg as a musician and also as a graphic artist, as a painter, for years.”

Living in a hotel in Hamburg

Lindenberg was born on May 17, 1946 in Gronau (North Rhine-Westphalia). He has lived in Hamburg since the late 1960s and in a suite in the Hotel Atlantic since the 1990s. In the early 1970s, the singer revolutionized rock music with German lyrics – he started a unique career with street lyrics and rap. He wrote hundreds of songs, including hits like “Horizont”, “Cello” or “Sonderzug nach Pankow”.

Honorary citizenship now awarded 37 times

Udo Lindenberg is the 37th honorary citizen of Hamburg. Other honorary citizens include former chancellor Helmut Schmidt, football legend Uwe Seeler, writer Kirsten Boie and ballet director John Neumeier.

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