Two suspects under the influence of alcohol allegedly did not recognize their brother and killed him

They were reunited as a family to celebrate their father’s funeral, which was to take place three days later. What happened on January 3 in a house in Cancale (Ille-et-Vilaine) where three brothers were reunited? Difficult to know as the suspects were alcoholic at the time of the facts. Indicted for the murder of their brother, these two men aged 57 and 61 presented themselves to the gendarmerie to explain that the lifeless body of a man was in their house. Did they know it was their brother? This is what the investigating chamber studied on Thursday, seized by one of the defendants who asked for his release on parole.

According to West France, one of the brothers reportedly explained that he “did not recognize” the man who entered their house. Believing that they were dealing with a stranger, the two drunken brothers allegedly kicked and punched. Blows that will be fatal since the victim will die in Rennes hospital shortly after being admitted there. It was the gendarmes who discovered the identity of the victim thanks to his wallet.

He claims to have felt unwell

Before the investigating chamber, one of the defendants tried to obtain his release, arguing that he was unconscious at the time of the events after feeling unwell. Facts disputed by his other brother. The two men aged 57 and 61 are indicted for intentional homicide. And will remain in prison.

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