two smugglers arrested at the Franco-Spanish border

Between September and December last, nine Algerian smugglers were arrested south of the Haute-Garonne and sentenced to prison, as well as to a ban on French territory. They had organized a real network that brought migrants who had just landed on the Spanish coast by car across the border, before transporting them to the Matabiau station for 200 to 500 euros each.

On January 5, at the border of Pont du Roy, in Misses, in Haute-Garonne, the Toulouse border police again arrested two Algerian smugglers. They had “a vehicle” opener “empty of passengers and a vehicle which conveyed three Algerians in an irregular situation”, indicates the prefecture of Haute-Garonne.

The traffickers brought before the public prosecutor of Saint-Gaudens were sentenced to four and six months in prison on immediate appearance and were imprisoned at the Seysses detention center. Their passengers were returned to the Spanish border. They also charged 200 to 500 euros per person for a trip to Matabiau where they had already dropped off people three days earlier.

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