Two police officers targeted by an investigation by the IGPN for “voluntary violence” during the carnival of the Plain

An investigation into “intentional violence in meetings” was opened on Tuesday and entrusted to the IGPN after the broadcast of a video showing a person being beaten by two men, apparently plainclothes police officers, on Sunday in Marseille, said Wednesday the city ​​prosecutor’s office. “At this time, the prosecution has not received a complaint in this case,” said the same source, confirming information from the newspaper. Release.

The video, posted Sunday evening on Twitter by a journalist from the daily Provenceshows a person on the ground, prostrate against a car, being hit several times by a standing man while another, on his knees, seems to hold him down and also hits him.

Voluntary violence

Right next to the scene, which took place during the police evacuation of the independent carnival of La Plaine, early Sunday evening, a festive and militant event taking place every year in the city center of Marseille, CRS in uniform do not intervene.

“After learning of a video broadcast on social networks relating to police violence which was allegedly committed during the evacuation of the Plaine carnival in Marseille on Sunday March 19, 2023”, the Marseille prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on Tuesday. preliminary “heads of willful violence committed in a meeting and by a person holding public authority”, confirmed the Marseille prosecutor’s office to AFP.

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