Two 13-year-old boys from the Upper Palatinate were probably planning an assassination. – Bavaria

Two 13-year-old boys from the district of Neustadt an der Waldnaab in the Upper Palatinate may have planned an attack that could have cost the lives of several people. The police found explosives, homemade explosive devices or dummies and soft air weapons, i.e. weapons that look deceptively real but are not life-threatening.

According to the police, the motives behind the two are still being determined, but there is no evidence that the background is xenophobic or religious. Since the two children posed an acute danger to the general public, but they are not yet of criminal age, they were admitted to a psychiatric clinic.

The police came across the two boys in chat groups, which exchanged information about carrying out attacks, says a police spokesman. The chats also revealed that what appears to be the plan could take place in the near future and in a place where a multitude of lives would be threatened. Since it was known that the two boys had access to industrial explosives through a relative, the officers intervened immediately and searched three apartments.

The two boys were friends, lived with their parents according to SZ information and apparently hadn’t been noticed before. A judge is due to decide on Tuesday or Wednesday whether they will remain in child and adolescent psychiatry. Due to their age, there will be no criminal consequences for them, but it is theoretically possible that permanent confinement in a closed facility will be ordered.

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