Twitter: Record: Elon Musk has the most followers in the world

Record: Elon Musk has the most followers in the world

Elon Musk poses at the Axel Springer Awards ceremony. photo

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Elon Musk not only owns the company, he now leads it in terms of followers. The billionaire has overtaken another celebrity in the process.

Twitter owner Elon Musk now has the most followers on the online service. His account has around 133.08 million subscribers, overtaking the profile of ex-US President Barack Obama, who has 133.04 million followers. Number three is pop star Justin Bieber, who is followed by around 113.3 million users on Twitter.

Musk, best known as the head of electric car manufacturer Tesla, bought Twitter for around $44 billion last October. The tech billionaire often spreads political views of the American right in his profile and also reveals himself to be a corona vaccine skeptic.

The ranking also shows how much smaller Twitter is than the online platforms of the Facebook group Meta. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has 568 million followers on Instagram, followed by colleague Lionel Messi with 448 million and singer Selena Gomez with 406 million.


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