Twitter: Musk shortly before mega deal for 43 billion?

Musk shortly before mega deal for 43 billion?

Elon Musk intends to buy Twitter.

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Star entrepreneur Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter. A decision on the deal could be made as early as Monday.

Elon Musk (50) wants to buy Twitter – and the company behind the social media platform doesn’t seem to be averse after all. Corresponding negotiations for a mega deal worth around 43 billion US dollars, the equivalent of almost 40 billion euros, are said to have already progressed. An agreement could be reached as early as Monday, such as this “The Wall Street Journal” and “Bloomberg” to report.

Both sides worked through the night to negotiate the terms of a deal. According to sources not named, there is still no guarantee that this will actually happen. There is no official information about the possible deal.

“I made an offer”

Musk announced his intention to buy Twitter on April 14. “I made an offer”, he had made public on the short message service. He had announced that he would pay $54.20 per share. This is his best and final offer. If the takeover doesn’t work out, according to the Tesla boss, he will have to “reconsider his position as a shareholder”. And further: “It’s not a threat. But without the necessary changes, it’s simply not a good investment.”

Musk recently became the largest shareholder. He sees “extraordinary potential” in Twitter that he wants to unleash. However, in his short time as a shareholder, he had to realize that this was not possible in the current form in which Twitter is managed. The company must be converted into a private company.


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