TV triumph of the Chancellor candidates: three affairs for Olaf Scholz – politics

Raid in their own ministry, failures in the Wirecard case and fraudulent tax transactions in Hamburg: Armin Laschet wants to prove a number of errors to the SPD candidate for chancellor in the TV triall. What is it about the allegations?


Peter Burghardt and Cerstin Gammelin, Hamburg, Berlin

When Olaf Scholz was still a candidate for a 15 percent party, hardly anyone was interested in the two affairs that he dragged through the election campaign as Federal Finance Minister. Since the SPD became a 25 percent plus party in the polls, the spots have again focused on the Wirecard and Cum-Ex scandals. And since last week there seems to be a third affair that – to put it simply – has to do with a delayed money laundering report from the financial police FIU and a search in the Federal Ministry of Finance. Is the finance minister too lax with tax money?


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