TV tip: The dead man from the party ship – “Masurian crime thriller” in the first

TV tip
The dead man from the party ship – “Masurian crime thriller” in the first

Forensic scientist Viktoria Wex (Claudia Eisinger) and police officer Leon Pawlak (Sebastian Hülk) try to investigate the death of a drowned man. photo

© Karolina Grabowska/ARD Degeto/dpa

In the fifth “Masurian crime thriller” the inspectors have to investigate the death of a drowned man. At the same time, they are challenged by their private lives.

A young angler is traveling in a motorboat and unexpectedly fishes banknotes out of the water. Then she makes another discovery: a dead man suddenly floats next to her boat. In the “Masurian crime thriller” with the subtitle “Blood Money”, which can be seen on Thursday (February 29th) at 8:15 p.m. on Erste, forensic scientist Viktoria Wex and police officer Leon Pawlak face complex investigations. And they wonder how they actually relate to each other privately.

The origin of the body in the water quickly becomes clear: the man fell from a party boat and drowned. Viktoria Wex (Claudia Eisinger) finds it very strange that none of the guests noticed anything, after all the man was the one celebrating his anniversary. Someone must have noticed his disappearance. Together with Leon Pawlak (Sebastian Hülk), the forensic scientist begins her investigative work.

In any case, drugs were consumed on the party boat. The role of the dead man’s business partner, Frantek Sobodo (Stipe Erceg), is unclear. The factory owner, who has a criminal record, makes a more than opaque impression. And then among the party guests is the undercover investigator Johanna Berger (Bea Brocks) from Germany, who Wex knows from before and who now has a different name.

Who murdered Viktoria Wex’s husband?

The encounter confronts the forensic scientist with her own history. Because Berger was a confidant of her husband, who was murdered. She recognizes the woman’s voice from an earlier telephone recording and wants to find out whether Berger has anything about her Death of her husband knows. Because the murder has not yet been solved.

Viktoria Wex is now not only investigating the death of the party host, but also secretly in the case of her husband. This in turn calls Commissioner Zofia Kowalska (Karolina Lodyga) onto the scene. She is also Leon’s ex-wife. A tender romance seems to be brewing between him and Viktoria, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Zofia.

Screenwriter Olaf Krämer and director Frauke Thielecke cleverly interweave the professional and private lives of the investigators in the fifth “Masurian crime thriller”. Lead actor Sebastian Hülk also finds this exciting. In the ARD interview he said: “I am particularly touched (…) by the scenes in which Viktoria’s relationship with Leon is developed and we learn more about their love story. The emotional scenes between him and his daughter and his ex are just as wonderful. Ms. Zofia.”

Just a week later, on March 7th, at 8:15 p.m., the story will be told in the sixth part of the ARD series that started in 2021.


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