TV soaps: This is what happens in the soaps today

TV soaps
That’s what happens in the soaps today

“Storm of Love”: Ariane tries to convince Christoph that she has no further evidence against him.

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2:10 p.m., The first: Red roses

Veit continues to threaten Carla. With Anke’s help, she finds evidence in Gregor’s safe deposit box that could put Veit behind bars. But she underestimated him and looks down the muzzle of his loaded gun on her way home at night. Tina and Ben are under pressure: The relatives are expecting a wedding photo. Ben and Tina reluctantly recreate the photo with Merle’s help. But they don’t manage to shine in the pictures. And now?

3:10 p.m., The First: Storm of Love

After Ariane claims to have hidden another copy of the evidence, Christoph injects a supposedly poisonous substance into her in order to elicit the relevant information from her. In mortal fear, Ariane Christoph confesses that there are no other copies. Carolin fills in as Michael’s duet partner and they and Rosalie have fun at the construction manager’s wedding. As a result, Michael and Rosalie would like to support Werner for Carolin as a riding instructor.

5:30 p.m., RTL: Among us

Paco is willing to let go of his suspicions of David until he finds a clue linking David to Fiona and the kidnapping. Chris is hurt when Corinna has fun with Rufus instead of trying to save their marriage, and then Alina makes definite advances to him. Ringo claims in front of Cecilia that he is immune to her charms. He doesn’t even want to admit to himself that the opposite is the case.

7:05 p.m., RTL: Everything that counts

Justus is about to uncover Maximilian’s intrigue. To prevent this, Maximilian decides to actually take poison. Just as Yannick is shelving his jealousy of Casper, he is shocked to realize how justified it is. Henning helps Yannick with his lovesickness with Isabelle and gets closer to his son.

7:40 p.m., RTL: Good times, bad times

Emily can understand Sunny leaving Philip floundering after he’s been acting like a jerk for the past few months. Philip is not discouraged by this. Paul resents John’s interference. He sticks to it: the apartment is affordable and close to his workshop and Kate. Besides, it’s really only a temporary solution. But that’s exactly what Emily doubts.


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