Türkgücü against Bayern II: the game was abandoned because of a poster – Munich

Because of a controversial banner, emergency services used pepper spray and batons in the Türkgücü game against FC Bayern Munich II. The Greens in the state parliament are now demanding that the incident be thoroughly investigated.

The cancellation of the game between Türkgücü Munich and FC Bayern Munich II last Saturday seems to be followed by a long aftermath – both sportingly and politically. Max Deisenhofer, sports policy spokesman for the Greens in the state parliament, had made a so-called small inquiry to the state government after the police operation against Bayern fans because of a controversial banner. The answer now disappoints him.

“Unfortunately, the state government failed to help clarify the incidents in Heimstetten,” criticizes Deisenhofer. A real reason for the violent behavior of the police, which was on duty with more than 50 officers and used pepper spray and batons in the fan block, is still not apparent. The banner with the words “FC Bayern-Fanklub Kurdistan”, which is said to have triggered the operation, did not contain any prohibited content. In their response, the police also referred to no criminal offenses before they removed the fence flag. However, a folder is said to have been slightly injured on the first attempt. In the end, the game was not canceled because of the banner, but only about fifteen minutes later.

The response from the state government also states that the operations management had ordered the banner to be secured in order to “prevent the situation from escalating further and, as a result, prevent the fan camps from meeting uncontrolled on the field”. This is an “adventurous justification for an exaggerated and obviously out of control police operation,” says Deisenhofer. Since the police were already on the field, an escalation with fans in the opposite main stand was not to be expected. Eyewitnesses reported to the SZ that there was never any danger that fan groups would attack each other. Only a few of Türkgücü’s stewards reacted emotionally to the banner with the Kurdish flag.

While the state government said that seven supporters of FC Bayern Munich were being investigated on suspicion of bodily harm and damage to property, Deisenhofer explained: “This statement by the Ministry of the Interior rather confirms our doubts about the actions of the police. We are now demanding a full investigation and will make further parliamentary inquiries.”

The sporting consequences of the incident are not yet foreseeable, for the Regionalliga Bayern it is a precedent. A hearing is scheduled for next week.

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