Turin Masters – Andrey Rublev qualified for the semi-finals after his victory against Stefanos Tsitsipas

Andrey Rublev is once again stunning in this ATP Finals in Turin. After disposing of Daniil Medvedev after an exceptionally intense match, the Russian this time defeated the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas (3-6, 6-3, 6-2). Rublev thus obtained his ticket for the semi-finals of the competition during which he will face Casper Ruud on Saturday.

It is never easy to face the player who has won the most matches on the circuit of the season. Even less when your name is Andrey Rublev and you constantly struggle to impose your presence in the last four of the biggest tournaments. However, this time the Russian knew how to have the last word to win against a sizeable opponent, in great form lately.

Initially jostled, Rublev showed some signs of feverishness in the first set. While Tsitsipas chained shutouts on his face-off, the Russian finally offered the first set on a break in which he nevertheless had many opportunities to get out of it. Despite a slight revival of form from Rublev on his serve in subsequent plays, Tsitsipas looked too solid to let the set slip away.

Tsitsipas flinched

During the second run, Rublev missed the worst. Manhandled from his first game of service, he finally got away with it. The two players then engaged in a fine server duel before Tsitsipas faltered at 4-3 on a very bad service game. Rublev, much more confident behind his first ball, seized the opportunity to equalize with a much more conquering air than in the first set.

As effective in the final round, Rublev looked stronger than ever. More effective on his faceoff as well as on the baseline, the Russian was more and more aggressive to tip a Tsitsipas in distress. A first break at 1-1 then 4-2 and Rublev flew to victory, thanks in particular to his 93% of points won on his first balls. A success which allows him to obtain his ticket to go face Casper Ruud in the semi-final of the ATP Finals on Saturday, as well as to gain a bit of confidence which he has missed so much during the previous major meetings of his young career.

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