TSV 1860 Munich: Why the lions suspend captain Mölders – sport

Everything that TSV 1860 Munich published on Monday afternoon sounds very informative, but it can no longer be concealed: There was real stink in and around the third division team – and not just since a bad performance against Waldhof Mannheim a week (1: 3) and a historically poor performance against 1. FC Magdeburg last Saturday. Immediately after the 2: 5 against the league leaders it was clear that the coach was out of the question. Now it is clear who it will hit: Michael Köllner and Managing Director Günther Gorenzel have decided to suspend Sascha Mölders – based on an “ongoing analysis of developments over the past few weeks”.

The 36-year-old attacker, who was the top scorer in the third division with 22 goals last season, had meanwhile not been in the starting line-up for two league games. That was a good two months ago. This measure seems to have been something like a shot across the bow, because Mölders is apparently more accused from the point of view of the sporting management than having scored only a few goals in the current season; Obviously, more leadership was expected from the captain.

When the team came to training on Monday, Mölders was informed of the decision – according to reports, the suspension will initially apply for a few weeks. The signal said the door has not yet finally slammed shut. Mölders’ reaction followed promptly, via social media. At nine minutes before 5 p.m. Mölders wrote on Instagram, “Today I was at the training area and I was told that I should no longer appear for training or that I should train individually because the coach wanted me to. As captain, I only wish the team that Best. I’m shocked “.

The willingness to clean the table is recognizable

There was also another personnel change: “Oliver Beer will devote himself to his personal training and complete the next component of his coaching education with the football teacher,” says a press release about the assistant coach. At his own request, the 42-year-old will devote more time to his “personal training” and will focus more on talents in the young talent center.

According to SZ information, this decision is not directly related to the suspension. Rather, different views in the technical area and the handling of the sporting crisis tipped the balance. What both personalities have in common, however, is that this sporting crisis has made personnel changes necessary. And that, in view of the current situation, the willingness to clean things up has increased.

Mölders had been a topic of conversation over and over again in the past few months. Often it was about his weight – Mölders is also called the “Giesing Wampe” – because his physical condition on the one hand raised the question of whether it affects performance, and on the other hand whether a 36-year-old who is on social media likes to post his sausage rolls, take it really seriously with his performance. Other accusations can be heard from people around the team, for example that there are always arguments with other players. Or that, despite his age, he never wanted to accept a wildcard role as a substitute.

Mölders had top dog status

When the former Bundesliga player had to take a seat on the substitute bench at the end of September, he made no comment; which wasn’t necessary either, his face spoke volumes. Last Saturday, when the team were 5-0 down at halftime, Mölders was no longer the speaker he usually likes to be. The game passed him dispassionately, then he let himself be replaced and clapped coach Köllner again quite unmotivated when he left.

Despite continued unsuccessfulness, Mölders was still mostly set. This meant that other players were not used because Mölders enjoys top dog status. There is a lot to suggest that the chemistry within the team was not right, and that Köllner took the unsuccessfulness of the past few days as an opportunity to draw a line – also at the risk that a large part of the fans in this decision was only a scapegoat- Alibi action sees.

Mölders is now expected to once again show his willingness to work on himself. You can also hear from the club that the focus on sport also means that Mölders should postpone his secondary activities, such as his expert work for a streaming service. Should Mölders not understand, however, a hanging game is to be expected, which could easily end in a mud fight. As long as his contract is running, there should hardly be any money available for another attacker.

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