Trump, DeSantis and Pence will speak at a Republican rally this weekend

The race continues. Donald Trump will speak virtually on Saturday at an event that several senior Republican Party figures, including potential rivals in the race for the White House, will also attend.

The former president will speak on video while his former vice president Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will be there in person, both of whom are expected to also participate in the Republican primary in view of 2024.

The three men will address the annual rally of the Republican Jewish Coalition, which takes place in Las Vegas from Friday until Sunday.

This will be Donald Trump’s first public intervention since he announced on Tuesday that he is once again a candidate for the presidency of the United States, despite the disappointing results of the Republican candidates, and in particular his foals, in the midterm elections.

Ron DeSantis, on the contrary, was triumphantly re-elected in his state in the south-east of the United States, which led certain conservative media to see him as the new leader of the Republican Party. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, to whom observers also lend presidential ambitions, will also participate in the rally in Las Vegas, as well as the next Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

An intervention the day after the appointment of a prosecutor who will investigate Trump

After dinner on Friday, Mike Pompeo took the microphone to, without naming Donald Trump, make fairly explicit allusions to the need to act rather than complain. “When we present the conservative arguments (…) we must do it with joy, and with a smile,” he said. “Let’s not just criticize the machine” or “just go to Fox News or send tweets. You have to do hard work,” he added.

Trump’s intervention will also come the day after the appointment by the Minister of Justice of an expert war crimes prosecutor to independently investigate the former president. Minister Merrick Garland entrusted this extremely “sensitive” mission to Jack Smith, prosecutor based in The Hague of the Special Court for Kosovo. Trump denounced to Fox News journalists a “political” and “unfair” decision,

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