Triple battle: Ampfing, Mühldorf and Erharting celebrate – Bavaria

A battle like this is a serious matter, and that’s why the order might be important now. Therefore, to be on the safe side, first of all according to the alphabet, that would be Ampfing, Erharting and Mühldorf. Or is it by size? Then, of course, Mühldorf would come first, followed by Ampfing and little Erharting. Or historical correctness? Supposedly one is always smarter afterwards, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one couldn’t become a little smarter in the future. In any case, according to the current state of research, the last gunless knight’s battle in Western history, known for about seven centuries as the “Battle of Ampfing” or the “Battle of Mühldorf”, most likely took place on the Erhartinger Flur and should therefore have taken place actually called the “Battle of Erharting”. But unfortunately the people of Erharting have now pulled the emergency brake.

As debatable as the name of the gruesome slaughter between the knights of Louis of Bavaria and Frederick the Handsome may be, the year 1322 is undisputed. It was somehow about the imperial crown, the Wittelsbacher Ludwig triumphed in the end over the opponent king Friedrich from the House of Habsburg, but only incidentally. From today’s point of view, it is of course much more important that the whole thing was exactly 700 years ago this year and therefore offers the most beautiful occasion for all kinds of knight games and other spectacles. But the municipality of Erharting and the local customs association have now withdrawn and postponed their long-planned battle festival event around this year’s Father’s Day to 2023 because of Corona.

But the fact that the Ampfinger are now staying with their large open-air theater planned for August suddenly opens up an opportunity to finally decide this name question, and without any further fighting. Should the people of Ampfinger celebrate 700 years of the Battle of Ampfing this year, and the people of Erharting will commemorate 701 years of the Battle of Erharting next year. And if the people of Mühldorf could just be patient with their exhibition, then the historic battle near Mühldorf in 2024 would have been exactly 702 years ago.

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