Triell of the Chancellor Candidates: Attacks, allegations and many promises

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The countdown to the federal election is on – and the candidates from the CDU, SPD and Greens have met again in a TV triall. The tone was aggressive – especially between Union candidate Laschet and SPD candidate for Chancellor Scholz.

Two weeks before the federal election, the three candidates for chancellor from the Union, SPD and Greens met again in a TV triall. In the broadcast of ARD and ZDF, Armin Laschet (CDU), Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Annalena Baerbock (Greens) had a sometimes sharp verbal exchange of blows.

Union candidate Laschet attacked SPD candidate Scholz in connection with the investigation against the money laundering central office of the customs. This Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) belongs to the business area of ​​the Federal Minister of Finance. Scholz also had to defend himself in view of the Wirecard scandal.

Heated debates at the TV triumph of the Chancellor candidates

Kristin Joachim, ARD Berlin, daily topics 10:50 p.m., September 12, 2021

Laschet does not rule out the Union’s junior role

When asked about coalition options, CDU chairman Laschet did not generally rule out a junior role for the Union in an SPD-led federal government. “Democrats have to talk to each other after the election,” said Laschet. At the same time he emphasized: “We are fighting for first place.” Overall, however, Laschet avoided the question. One is currently not in the formation of a government, but “in promoting the right way for our country”.

SPD chancellor candidate Scholz once again did not make a definitive decision whether he would rule out a coalition with the left. But he emphasized: “Anyone who wants to govern in Germany must have clear positions, they must commit to transatlantic cooperation, they must clearly state that NATO is indispensable for our security and that we must fulfill our obligations in the alliance. He must make a clear commitment to a strong, sovereign European Union. “

Tina Hassel, ARD Berlin, on the TV triumph

Topics of the day 10:50 p.m., September 12, 2021

Baerbock warns against equating the left and the AfD

The Greens applicant Baerbock emphasized that she was fighting with all her might for a new departure in Germany. “That is only possible with the Greens in a leading role.” Baerbock also said that after the election all democratic parties would have to talk to each other. In doing so, she included the left. Baerbock warned against equating the left with the AfD. That is “extremely dangerous”. She demanded that the Union “completely close the firewall to the right”.

When asked about the controversial candidacy of the former head of the protection of the constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, for the CDU in southern Thuringia, CDU top candidate Laschet said: “Mr Maaßen will have to stick to the course that I set as party chairman.” When asked whether he would vote for Maaßen, who has often attracted attention with racist and nationalist remarks, Laschet did not answer and pointed out that he would vote in Aachen himself.

Scholz and Laschet accuse each other of being blocked

When it comes to climate protection, Scholz and Laschet accused each other of blocking important issues. Scholz emphasized that the Union had long denied that more electricity was needed for the climate-friendly restructuring of the economy. Laschet said the SPD had prevented the planning and approval process from being accelerated.

Baerbock made it clear that with the current pace of the black-red coalition, climate targets would be clearly missed. The Union and the SPD have always blamed each other. She called the fight against climate change a major effort. Baerbock affirmed that Germany must get out of coal earlier, well before the year 2038 – that has been planned so far.

SPD and Greens for citizen insurance and rent limits

Baerbock and Scholz were in agreement on the issue of citizens’ insurance, which the Greens and the SPD are striving for. CDU boss Armin Laschet rejected them as “uniform insurance”.

In the debate about rising rents, both Baerbock and Scholz spoke out in favor of limits. For cities where rents have exploded, it must be made possible at the federal level that upper limits can be drawn, said Baerbock. Scholz said that in addition to the construction of 400,000 new apartments per year, the SPD is aiming for a “rental moratorium” so that rents can no longer rise as sharply for new rentals. Union Chancellor candidate Laschet put the focus on incentives for investments in additional apartments. What is needed is “more and faster building”.

All candidates for more corona vaccinations

All three candidates campaigned for more corona vaccinations at the Triell. Green leader Baerbock criticized the fact that there will only be a nationwide week of action from this Monday after one and a half years of pandemic. If, for example, you get into a situation in nursing and clinics where not enough people have been vaccinated, the question of mandatory vaccination for individual professional groups must also be addressed. She advocated that, as with school children, there should be obligations for employees to regular corona tests.

Vice Chancellor Scholz opposed compulsory tests at the workplace. Test offers are widely used in companies. This is “the right way to go in this phase of the pandemic”. He pointed out that compulsory testing could have consequences that you could potentially lose your job.

CDU boss Laschet promoted, among other things, mobile vaccination offers, for example for people who do not have a family doctor. He emphasized the goal of getting more vaccinations, and that “without any obligation”.

The Triell – a three-way battle for the Chancellery

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