Trial: Man probably wanted to kill his entire circle of friends

The man probably wanted to kill his entire circle of friends

Shortly before Christmas 2022, the man is said to have strangled his niece and buried her body in the garden. A few days later he is said to have shot a friend of hers. photo

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A man was convinced that his niece and one of her friends were stealing from him. That’s why he is said to have killed them both. The process began with new details.

If the defendant had had his way, more than two people would have died last December: in front of the regional court Hechingen is being tried against a 53-year-old. The public prosecutor’s office accuses him of two counts of murder and taking hostages.

The man is said to have killed his 20-year-old niece and a 23-year-old friend of hers in Albstadt in the south of Baden-Württemberg. According to the indictment, he was convinced that, among other things, they had stolen cash from him. According to the public prosecutor’s office, there is no evidence of the theft. It is more likely that the accused spent his own money with a lavish lifestyle.

According to his defense attorney, the defendant initially wanted to answer questions about himself, but decided against it during the trial. He will say nothing and accept his punishment. He said through an interpreter that he didn’t care, he wanted to go back to his cell.

Ambushed with a pistol

A psychiatric expert testified that the defendant had spoken to him about the crimes and that three of the niece’s friends should also have died.

The man is said to have ambushed his niece and threatened her with a pistol. She was handcuffed and made to confess to the theft. The niece probably didn’t do that, which is why the 53-year-old is said to have strangled her with a cable tie. He is said to have dismembered the body and buried it in the garden. Three days later, the man shot the niece’s 23-year-old boyfriend. He lured him out of the house under an excuse and then suddenly pulled out the gun.

Eight days of trial are scheduled, with 60 witnesses invited. A verdict could come in mid-October.


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