Traunstein: Nothing for everyone – Bavaria

Nothing is going on at the Traunstein town square during these weeks, and almost half the town promptly talks about nothing. It’s no wonder, because by the standards of the district town of Traunstein, the campaign is quite powerful: “Nothing is perfect” is written on a bright pink background on a billboard at the train station, “Not is forever” on yellow in the middle of all the cars in a large parking lot. There are five slogans that have been alternating on eight large billboards for almost three weeks. And it’s always about nothing less than nothing. Apparently someone with a lot of effort has little to say. Or? Of course it’s about business again, and also in the narrower sense of a shop.

As a business model, everything has just gone bankrupt again, see Galeria, but from Traunstein the next branch is only supposed to be closed in Rosenheim. There is also a department store in Traunstein, only small and not in bankruptcy. In this Unterforsthuber department store on the town square, sometime in the 1960s, they started the first escalator far and wide, and that really wasn’t nothing back then.

They don’t have anything in the department store themselves, but not even in the sock department. You have to go somewhere else for that. Appropriate ground floors would be there, a bit away from the town square there would also be a number of shops with sadly empty shop windows for rent. But only for a few weeks, the owners of those properties were too immobile for that.

So Robert Heigl and Lisa Klauser opened their shop in the local prime location, in the Alte Wache in the town hall. There is always art there and currently “NOTHING for you” until the end of March. Nothing is available in different sizes and packaging, and nothing is not cheap there, even in the Online shop. If you like, you can not participate in the production of anything and are even offered a fee for it. There is a lot of talk, as Robert Heigl himself says. First in the form of sales talks and then, when it gets dark, as an exchange about artificially aroused needs and life in the consumer society. And what is missing in that? Exactly. Therefore also here on a few lines

and again nothing.

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