transport prices for London are skyrocketing

Shortly after the announcement of the date of the funeral of Elizabeth II, scheduled for Monday, prices notably increased by more than 20% on certain trains towards the English capital.

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The addition is likely to be very salty for French fans of royalty. Those who want to go to London in the coming days for the funeral of Elizabeth II, scheduled for Monday, September 19, risk putting a good part of their savings there. Prices have jumped since the queen’s death for transport and hotels.

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Paris-London by Eurostar on Saturday 17 or Sunday 18 September will cost more than 240 euros for a one-way ticket. Prices that rose by more than 20% on some trains shortly after the announcement of the date of the funeral of Elizabeth II. It is also visible to leave London the next day, Tuesday September 20, tickets cost up to 224 euros. This is linked, according to Eurostar, to a slight increase in demand over the weekend.

On the SNCF site, the same phenomenon: sales have more than doubled on trips to London since the death of the queen. Even Flixbus, the main coach company, is seeing a 17% increase in bookings to the UK for journeys between Wednesday and Monday.

The rise is less clear on the airline side, but there is a price spike on Sunday flights to the UK. Note that the French Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) on Tuesday asked airlines to give up one flight out of two on Friday, following a strike notice from a union of air traffic controllers demanding in particular increases of wages.

And in some hotels in the British capital, the price of overnight stays at the time of the funeral of Elizabeth II has been multiplied by three or even four. An inflation that also affects “goodies” and other souvenirs around Elizabeth II.

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