Transaction volume on the Optimism network decreased by 70% after the end of the Optimism Quest program.

Transaction volume on Optimism, an Ethereum-based Layer 2 solution, is down 70% after the previous big increase. Daily transactions fell to 238,000 after peaking at nearly 800,000 daily on Jan. 12, according toinformationFrom Blockchain Explorer Blockscan

decline in transactions This coincided with the end of a program known as Optimism.Quest which aims to increase user engagement and educate users about Optimism Layer 2 networks.

The increase in network activity during Optimism Quest is believed to be related to the demand for a second airdrop by the Optimism team, according toreportLatest by The Block Research

In April 2022 Optimismannouncedairdrop which is a free token for early users They range in value from $500 to $10,000 per user. The team also mentioned a second, larger airdrop. But no further details were given.

This has led to speculation among users that joining the Optimism Quest program, which rewards participants with NFT tokens, might qualify them for an Airdrop.

during the Optimism Quest, which lasted four months. There are more than 450,000 wallets that mint NFT. 3.4 million Items by this application powered by Galxe.

“The increase in network activity It’s a reminder that airdrop speculation is sometimes used to boost activity on the network. Just as Arbitrum Odyssey has made waves in network activity,” said The Block analyst Arnold Toh.

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