Train is particularly unpunctual in August due to construction sites

As of: September 8th, 2023 3:23 p.m

Anyone traveling with Deutsche Bahn in the summer needed a lot of patience. In August, long-distance rail traffic was more unpunctual than ever this year. The main reason is the many construction sites.

Less than two thirds of Deutsche Bahn’s IC and ICE trains reached their destination on time in August. 63.4 percent of long-distance trains arrived on schedule. This means that the train has never been less punctual in any month of the year. Only in August of last year were the delays even more serious. At that time, only 56.8 percent of the trains were on time, as the railway announced today. By definition, delays of less than six minutes are on time.

According to the railway, the main reason for the low rate remains the many construction sites because the rail network is in need of renovation in many places. According to previous information, the railway wants to modernize and renew around 2,000 kilometers of tracks this year, as well as 1,800 switches, 200 bridges and 650 stations.

Bahn is planning more investments and higher debts

This year, Deutsche Bahn plans to increase net investments from 6.8 to 8.5 billion euros. Gross investments, which also include federal subsidies, are expected to increase from 15.4 to 18 billion euros. At the same time, the railway is further indebted. According to previous information, their debts are likely to rise from a good 30 to 33 billion euros.

The Federal Audit Office described the railway as a “restructuring case” in the spring. The group must be restructured “effectively, quickly and comprehensively”.

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