Train driver killed by a falling branch – panorama

The first autumn storm of the year is not over yet. He has toppled trees, paralyzed rail traffic, disrupted the power supply – and claimed a fatality.

The first autumn storm of the year claimed a human life. At Templin in the Uckermark, the train driver of a regional train was killed by a falling branch, as the police in Frankfurt an der Oder announced. The 50-year-old died in hospital on Friday morning from his injuries. He wanted to clear fallen branches from the tracks during the storm on Thursday and was hit himself.

The storm toppled trees across the country and disrupted rail traffic. The fire brigade in Berlin was called on Thursday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. for a total of 372 weather-related missions. The night of Friday then passed quietly, according to the police and fire brigade.

Around 1000 households in Brandenburg without electricity

The train started “stable” on Friday, as a spokesman said. “The trains are running.” However, he cannot rule out isolated train cancellations or delays. Before starting their journey, travelers should therefore find out whether their connection is operating as planned.

Around 1000 electricity customers in the districts of Spree-Neisse and Oberspree-Lausitz initially have no electricity. The elimination of the disturbance will probably take the whole day, said a spokesman for the energy supplier envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG in Chemnitz. “We’re not over the mountain yet.” The storm had fallen branches destroyed power lines and power poles were damaged. In the area of ​​the energy supplier in Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony, according to the information, a total of 3000 customers are without electricity.

In Berlin and Brandenburg the wind should freshen up again on Friday. According to the German Weather Service, gusts can reach wind speeds of up to around 70 kilometers per hour, and even 85 kilometers per hour in open areas. That corresponds to wind forces eight and nine. Towards evening the wind subsides again.

According to the weather service, the weather should calm down on the weekend. Cool air flows to Berlin and Brandenburg. Only moderate winds are forecast for Saturday, and fresh winds are also forecast in the east of Brandenburg. The clouds loosen up and there are longer sunny sections. It gets between 10 to 13 degrees. Sunday will be bright, dry and light wind with unchanged temperatures.

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