Traffic safety: a hidden object for safe roads – car & mobile

There’s a lot going on in this picture. In the middle, a little girl with a pink helmet is cycling a little further, at the end of a group of students, two boys are arguing. A little further on, another boy tries to cross the street from a gap between two parked cars. Just like it works in real traffic – there is just a lot going on on the streets.

With the hidden object, the German Road Safety Council (DVR) wants to introduce adults in particular to the subject of road safety – in a playful way. And prepared in such a way that the information can be easily consumed in a digitized world: The picture can be found online. If you move the mouse pointer over the various scenes, text fields open with information and notes on the individual scenes. In the case of the two squabbling boys, for example, the text indicates, among other things, that children often perceive impressions, visual and acoustic stimuli differently than adults. If you want, you can also request a brochure with further information.

A total of 17 scenes are hidden in the picture. They all mostly depict everyday situations of children in traffic – whether on foot, by bike or in the car. The offer is aimed primarily at parents, teachers and educators. It was developed by the DVR in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Transport and the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt).


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