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“Terrible. It’s been a terrible year”

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Rolf Mützenich from the SPD is the experienced group leader, but also the one whose worldview was particularly shaken by Putin’s war. And so the politician Mützenich now has to represent a policy that the man Mützenich never believed in.

(Photo: Michael Kappeler/picture alliance/dpa)

The faction leaders of the traffic light parties are not in the mood to celebrate when they look back on their first year in government. You also have to hold together an alliance that is constantly in crisis.


Markus Balser, Henrike Roßbach and Mike Szymanski, Berlin

It’s already dark when Rolf Mützenich finally manages to eat something. He grabs an apple from the fruit bowl in his office, a paper towel, a pocket knife and begins to cut up the apple. Excuse me, but he has to eat something now. There is still a cheese sandwich in a box. That comes later.

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